MMORPG/MMO Development Cost: All You Need to Know

MMO stands for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is a kind of video game in which thousands of participants compete in an online universe. In the game, the player begins at a low level or rank and advances until he or she reaches the highest level or rank. Throughout a player’s adventure, they obtain new talents, skills, and better gear, as well as access to advanced portions of the game that often need a party or raid of people to achieve.

MMO games may also be thought of as a kind of social network since they enable users to connect with one another through private, public, and voice chat. Anarchy Online, Black Desert Online, EverQuest, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars, Rift, Runescape, Ultima Online, and World of Warcraft are some of the most popular MMO games.

5 MMORPG Video Game Characteristics

Although there are several varieties of huge multiplayer online role-playing games, the most have the following characteristics:

Open-world Exploration

In most games, players may explore a distinct sandbox-style game area to acquire objects, interact with other characters, and accomplish tasks. New players will start the game in the same new universe as existing players.

Multiplayer Gameplay

While single-player games do not need you to interact with other players in order to progress, most MMORPGs require you to work together to accomplish missions or defeat monsters.

Character Creation

Almost usually, you will be able to create and modify a character. Character customization enables players to immerse themselves in the fantasy world by becoming the sort of character they wish to be, such as a warrior or thief.

Free-to-play Vs. Monthly Subscription

Some MMORPGs need monthly subscriptions, while others allow you to play games for free. Microtransactions are often used to buy character improvements or cosmetics.

Character Progression

Most games will need you to advance your character’s level in order to boost your strength, abilities, and other traits. This is often accomplished by completing missions or killing enemies in order to obtain experience points and level up. Most MMORPGs do not have an endgame, therefore players may keep playing for as long as they desire.

Is There a Cost for Pre-development?

Assume you want to create a multiplayer, open-world game similar to Gangster New Orleans, in which players may build their character, accomplish quests, and play and compete with other players. But that’s all you’ve got – a vague idea of the game. Employ a Developer: Your game app developers will transform your concept into a well-designed game document. This document will help you plan the plot, characters, levels, and other aspects of your game. This procedure is critical since it will serve as the basis for the next mobile game development process. The game-designed document addresses the following:

  • Storyboard
  • Game Levels
  • Gameplay
  • Game Environment
  • Target users
  • Plot and Characters

Storyboarding is an important part of the pre-production process. The amount of involvement provided by your game will determine its success or failure. People will not play your game if it lacks an intriguing plot, regardless matter how good the visuals or gameplay are.

The quality of the tale is determined by the storyline and characters that are created for the game. Creating a game is comparable to writing a book. You’ll need an enthralling narrative and compelling characters to whom the gamers can identify.

All of this takes time and effort, which is why the pre-development expenses exist. The costs of pre-development will vary based on the kind and quality of the game. Another element to consider is the development company’s hourly mobile game development rate. For example, if the pre-development process takes 50 hours and the developer costs $100 per hour, the pre-development cost is $5,000.


MMORPG gaming is one of the most profitable areas to invest in. Those that see the potential expansion of this bandwagon must freely get on board, as the industrial gaming transition is already underway. Those with the technical knowledge and experience of creating conventional games, on the other hand, may create MMORPG games with particular additional expertise in addition to their previous game production talents. Given the ever-increasing demand, it is essential to invest sooner rather than later. However, if you do decide to invest in one, it is critical to choose professional MMORPG game developers with years of expertise in this field.

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