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Web 3.0 i.e. Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, Cryptography, 3D Graphics, XR, Games, A.I.


Zero Knowledge Proofs that drive Scalability, Security & Privacy

We are developing Zero Knowledge Rollups and Virtual Machines using ZK-Starks, and Self Sovereign Identities for Web3

We are also using Post Quantum Cryptography to create Next Generation Quantum Safe Blockchains.



We are developing SDKs for Games, offering modularized & reusable game mechanics, design patterns, and A.I., combined with cryptographic primitives like Zero Knowledge Proofs.


Programming Languages, Compilers/Interpreters, Virtual Machines and Toolchains

We are creating Parser Combinators and/or Generators for Programming Languages, as well as Frontends and EVM IR Backends for LLVM.

We are also creating virtual machines that can be run on-chain or off-chain, combined with ZK-Stark Proof Generators and Verifiers.


Metaverse & XR

We are developing generalized Non-intrusive brain computer interfaces, Parametric designs for avatars, Characters, Assets and Environments with [Auto] rigging.

We use A.I. to project people in 3d into the metaverse.

Case Study

Realtime Integrated AI based Brain Control, Emotion Recognition, Fatigue, and Stress & Depression Management

The artificial light from gadgets and monitors affects melatonin production and throws off circadian rhythms, preventing deep, restorative sleep. We forsee the entire planet extensively using the Metaverse very soon. We are studying Fatigue, Stress and Depression caused due to this, to design better systems, and build diagnostics and preventive healthcare into our Metaverse and Gaming products. We also use non-intrusive Brain Computer Interfaces for Control Applications, and Emotion Recognition and Relay.

Wow Labs Research

The Wow Research Labs Way

We identify exciting short-mid term problems, conduct literature survey to understand current state of the art, go on to shortlisting 1-2 sub problems with max impact potential and finally, apply first principles, analyse assumptions, test hypothesis, tinker, prototype and repeat.

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is an approach to digital identity that addresses the difficulty of establishing trust in interaction while giving individuals control of their digital identities Users generate and control unique identifiers called decentralized identifiers. The credentials are managed using crypto wallets and verified using public-key cryptography anchored on a distributed ledger. The credentials may contain data from an issuer’s database, a social media account, a history of transactions on an e-commerce site, or attestation from friends or colleagues. We are building our SSI prototypes using Rust/Substrate.

Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

PQC is the next generation of cryptographic techniques which are resistant to quantum hacks. Of all the approaches to post-quantum cryptography, lattice-based cryptography is the most actively studied and the most flexible. They have strong security reductions and are capable of key exchanges, digital signatures, and far more sophisticated constructions like fully homomorphic encryption. Lattices are the foundation on which we are building Quantum-Safe Blockchains.

Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)

A zero-knowledge proof is a method used in cryptography to prove that something is known without revealing the known information directly. It essentially allows private information to be kept secret in exchange. Zero-knowledge proofs are indirect proofs allowing you to prove you know a secret without ever revealing the secret to anyone else. You prove only that you’re telling the truth. We are using ZK-Starks to build ZK-Rollups and Virtual Machines which can work on-chain or off-chain, which address the problems of Scalability, Security, Privacy, Efficiency, and Costs.


Perhaps the most important pillar of Web 3.0 is privacy. Data protection laws such as The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), EU and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), USA are forcing organizations to safeguard customer data against misuse or theft. This requires changes in the way we design and architect software products, services and platforms. We focus on GDPR and CCPA besides SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI.

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