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Meaningful work with a bold vision. If that sounds like your dream job, you’ve come to the right place.

Why us?

We at Wow Labz are always striving to look for exciting problems to solve. Whether we’re creating new products or helping a small startup extend its reach, we build from our heart. We’re entrepreneurial and we love new ideas. Fun culture with a team that cares about your development and growth.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for an experienced game designer working primarily with Unity to be a part of our exciting game development team at Wow Labz. You would be part of a team that is working on designing and developing the future of games and interactive experiences. 

We are creating amazing experiences and hub worlds in the metaverse which integrate with our blockchain protocols to offer unique experiences. 

Your primary responsibilities would be prototyping various hub zones within the virtual world in Unity, developing scenes and environments as per the project requirement and also implementing various characters and avatars into the game world. You will also work with the backend team to integrate the world into a multiplayer experience.

Please be sure to highlight the following in your resume:

  • Publicly accessible links to games you have built and deployed. These need to be Unity based. (Please provide links to these)
  • 3D work you have done in Blender or Maya. (Please provide links to these)
  • List of certifications you have completed on Unity (optional).


  • Create a fun, casual adventure world with various hubs and a marketplace!
  • Create collectibles and architect an economy system inside the game.
  • Create and design fun 3D models and avatars for the Player as well as NPCs. Work with cool libraries like Mixamo to implement fun animations and player world navigation systems. 
  • Create exciting and custom face models for 3D characters! 
  • Create and customize player animation trees and character animations while working with state-machines and co-op animations. Create fun emotes and player actions!
  • Create awesomely fun multiplayer user-to-user interactions and emotes.
  • Design responsive game UX/UI in Unity for various screen sizes and orientations. 
  • Prototype and deploy scenes in a quick and efficient way and iterate on levels quickly.
  • Integrate smart and performance-effective lighting techniques in-game based on time-of-day and other factors.
  • Work with materials, textures and shaders for environmental objects as well as characters.
  • Implement programmatic and spatial 3D sound in-game.
  • Work with Cinemachine cameras and Timeline to create cut-scenes and programmatic camera movements.
  • Create performant and optimized scenes. (Prefabs, reusable components, singletons).
  • Profile and improve performance for mobile (Unity profiler, Rendering optimization).

Required Skills & Experience:

  • 2+ years of minimum production experience in Unity game development.
  • Must have released at least 1 game commercially.
  • Team player and takes responsibility for work, handles feedback well.
  • Strong working knowledge of Unity systems like  Prefabs, Animations, UI, TextMeshPro, Profiler, Cinemachine, Terrain, 3D Sound, etc.
  • Experience working with Blender, Maya and 3D pipeline for game dev.
  • Strong grasp of Photoshop or other image manipulation tools.
  • Strong AR/VR and Metaverse understanding is a bonus.
  • Good knowledge of Unity C#.
  • Experience with Git. (Unity Collaborate and PlasticSCM is a bonus)
  • Knowledge of Visual Scripting is a bonus.
  • Highly capable of executing in a fast-paced, virtual, changing environment
  • Strong problem-solving, analytical and troubleshooting skills

Any of this is a BIG PLUS:

  • Hands-on experience with developing Multiplayer games.
  • Platform experience with releasing on Android and iOS.
  • Experience writing custom shaders in Unity.

Persona of the kind of people who would be a culture fit:

  • Curious and aware of the latest digital and social media trends
  • Avid Gamer who is knowledgeable  about the latest gaming trends
  • Strong relationship-building skills
  • Exceptional analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills
  • Extremely self-driven and able to execute in a diligent manner
  • Get a kick out of leading a solution towards its completion
  • Fun to hang out with!