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Blockchain Governance - What is it?

Balancing out the interests of all relevant stakeholders within blockchain networks is quite a difficult endeavor. There are various ways to design a blockchain governance model and its viability largely depends on a variety of factors, intrinsic to every individual project. While some aim to denote the importance of informed, expert opinions, others focus on the community element and try to be more inclusive when it comes to stakeholder participation in governance...

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Blockchain in action - How does it work?

Blockchain technology can fundamentally change how we exchange value and perhaps that’s why this has caught everyone’s eye. This is still in its nascent stages but definitely a technology that holds vast promise in the future. Blockchain technology is inspired by the concept of a shared ledger, so that is the first term you need to understand along with a few other principles to know how blockchain works.

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Unblocking Blockchain - Everything You Need to Know

While there’s still time for companies to send out invoices with crypto payment options, blockchain has started reshaping industries in the financial sector, accounting, healthcare, and insurance. Blockchain has a lot to offer and as with any new technology, adoption will expand as businesses begin to think intuitively and come up with solutions to integrate it into their processes..

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